Does anyone remember the term “impertinence”?

We note with sadness the passing of an era of civility among even Christians. We remember when, bad manners, rudeness and “poor taste” were summarily opposed in polite society (which in itself seems to have disappeared). Today anyone is fair game to oppose and judge with partisan fervor. Hate is now the prefered weapon of discourse . Egged on by the media, we lambast opponents, and take pride in our positions as being superior to the feelings of others. Taking sides, wearing labels and proclaiming the weighty importance of every little situation that we encounter is now our justification to “speak out” and take a stand. Well whoopee, but we Christians should before opening our mouths ask ourselves two things, “is this impertinence”, and most importantly “is this the mind of Christ” ?    WATCHMAN

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2 Responses to Does anyone remember the term “impertinence”?

  1. Travis says:

    Hate and indifference.Indifference may be worse because it is a lack of any feeling, even for ones ownself.

  2. Very astute and helpful comment, thanks

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